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Why is Programa de Becas Needed?

Many bright young Mexican students drop out of school after completing grade 6. The reason? In Mexico children can legally leave school and go to work at the age of 12. When a child remains in school after the age of 12 the family is required to pay the costs of their education.

Many families need their children to help support the family. Even when the children are not able to earn much money, they are still unable to continue attending school because the family cannot afford to pay the costs of their education.

Started in 1996, Programa de Becas is designed to enable the children of very poor families in the Puerto Vallarta area to continue their education.To be eligible for this Program the family’s economic situation must be such that, without assistance, the student would have to drop out of school. To continue in the Program the student must maintain a grade point average of 8.5 (or better) out of 10.

How are the Sponsorship Funds Used?

Although sponsorship amounts may not cover all the student’s expenses in most cases it is enough to enable the family to keep the child in school.

The money is spent on the purchase of school uniforms, appropriate footwear, text books, note books, school supplies and the payment of school related fees. All sponsorship donations are tax deductible and an income tax by receipt will be provided for the full amount.

For more information on how to sponsor a student (or even partially sponsor a student), contact Jim Weber or David Sundby

We can take monthly contributions on your credit card as an optional form of payment.