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Kindle or Kobos

Many of us have upgraded our Kindle or Kobo to one of the newer more easy to read versions.

What did you do with the old one? If it’s sitting idle doing nothing consider blowing the dust off it and donating it to our Becas program.

The Library and Study Room the The Rotary Club of Saskatoon and Peachland built in Volcanes ( a very poor community just out of Puerto Vallarta) is in need of more books. Books are expensive in Mexico and hard to find at affordable prices. They have now added some old Kindles and Kobos to the library to help the students learn to read (both English and Spanish). We can help our students by giving the library our out of use electronic readers.

Please bring your Kindles or Kobos to a Rotary Club meeting or drop them off at Wine 4 You or Butler Byers Insurance or email and tell him you have one.