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The purpose of Programa de Becas (Scholarships) is to provide the children of very poor families in the Puerto Vallarta area with the opportunity to achieve a good education thus enabling them to have a better standard of living than has been available to most of their families. The Programa de Becas began in 1996 with ten members of Club Rotario Puerto Vallarta Sur sponsoring ten poor students going into Secundaria (grade seven) who would otherwise have had to drop out of school.

As of now, we have four separate Programas de Becas with a total of 403 students, sponsored by friends and Rotarians from Mexico, Canada, and the USA. Students are now sponsored through to the end of University. There are also many students on our “waiting list”, in need of sponsors.

There are 4 levels of sponsorship:

  • Secundaria (grades 7 and 8) – $250 USD per year
  • Preparatoria (grades 9 to 12) – $300 USD per year
  • University (public university) – $350 USD per year
  • UNIVA (private university) – $450 USD per year

The money is intended for the purchase of school uniforms, appropriate footwear, text books, note books, miscellaneous school supplies and the payment of school related fees. The requested amounts do not cover all of the student’s expenses but, in most cases, it is enough to allow the family to keep the student in school. A number of sponsors do give their student extra money every year to assist with school related expenses.

High school students and university students also need computers for their studies. These students cannot afford a computer and many also cannot afford the time to attend at Internet Cafes to do their homework. If you are visiting Puerto Vallarta and you have a used working laptop computer to donate, we have many students who would gratefully receive your computer – ensure that all of your personal information has been deleted. Each visitor to Mexico can bring one laptop computer duty-free.
Students must apply to participate in the program as there is a process wherein the brightest and poorest students are selected. When a sponsor joins the program a specific student is assigned to that sponsor and the sponsor and student are “paired” for as long as they both remain in the program. Any time the sponsor visits Puerto Vallarta every effort will be made by the Club to arrange a meeting between the sponsor and student. Communication on a regular basis between sponsor and student is strongly encouraged!

Should you or your Rotary Club wish to sponsor a student you can download the brochure and contribution form below. If you would like additional information about the program, Contact Us.