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In Canada, if students want to go on to university, there are a number of sources of funds available to fund their educations:  scholarships, bursaries, grants, student loans and family help.  Most of these sources are not available to students in Mexico.

Through Rotary, we have been providing scholarships  to students in Puerto Vallarta for a number of years; unfortunately, we cannot keep up with the need.  We have made a small change in our process.  We have asked university students to repay their scholarship when they graduate and are able.  This is not a loan with rigid repayment demands and high interest rates.  This is a moral contract.

We have asked these students to repay their scholarships when they are able without putting themselves in a financial find.  We asked them to repay their scholarship so they can help others the same way that Rotary has helped them.  The students have enthusiastically and overwhelmingly agreed.

We are now building a future fund to start the process of assisting students now so they in turn can help others in the future.  If you wish to help us, please contact Jim Weber, Rotary Club of Saskatoon at or 306-652-5121. A Canadian tax receipt  will be issued.